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DIY Wind Turbine | The 14 Coolest Generators to Make for Living off The Grid

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Looking for a DIY Wind Turbine? You’re going to love these electric generators! 14 Amazing Diy Turbine Generators you can make at home on the cheap for living off the grid by at


Learn to make your own diy wind turbine! Whether you are living off the grid, or just want to generate some extra energy for the home, these diy Wind turbine ideas will have you generating your own electricity in no time. Keep reading for the how to tutorials to build wind turbines of all shapes and sizes. Everything from the classic windmill, to the vertical matrix turbine, and even the tesla turbine.

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Learn to generate your own energy at home with some of the coolest diy wind turbines around! Here we have 14 amazing wind turbines that you can make at home on a budget.

14 Coolest Generators to Make Yourself for Living off The Grid

1. DIY Tesla Turbine

Build a Tesla Turbine to generate energy at home by at

image via

The tesla turbine is a 100 year old method for generating energy. This particular diy tesla turbine is the greenest turbine around! Follow the step by step instructions to build your own here on Instructables.

2. Diy Wind Turbine | Generate 1000 Watts in your Backyard

Build a 1000 watt diy wind turbine and live off the grid. By at

image via

This diy wind turbine will generate 1000 watts and is simple enough to build at home. Instructions here

3. DIY Wind Turbine | Open Source Turbine to Build for Only $30

Checkout this tutorial for a very cool, very practical, and very inexpensive wind turbine. Instructions here

4. Diy Wind Turbine | Make your own Vertical Axis Turbine

The vertical axis wind turbine is great for saving space and money! Instructions here.

5. Diy Wind Turbine | Miniature Wind Turbine

You'll love this mini diy wind turbine tutorial. Perfect for a fun cheap energy saving project to power your home. Homeasteading Ideas by at

image via

This miniature is so fun, bright, and compact – it could almost be a toy!  … Father’s Day gift ideas, anyone? Learn to make it here.

6. Diy Wind Turbine |  Build Your Generator out of a Truck Alternator

Excellent tutorial to make a diy wind turbine out of an old truck transmission. Great energy saving craft for a homesteader. By at

diy wind turbine

Great use for the old GM Truck rusting on the side of the house… Instructions here.

7. Diy Wind Turbine | Made From Old Bike Parts

Reduce reuse and recycle in style, and generate energy to create a wind powered water pump. Instructions here.

8. Diy Wind Turbine | Build a Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine

This is an excellent use of used machinery.  Always good to reuse what you can, to make the most of earth’s resources. Instructions here.

9. Diy Wind Turbine | Build a Nozzle Diffuser Wind Turbine

Must share this diy wind turbine nozzle diffuser. So cool to generate energy. The diffusers are recycled bins! By at

image via

The diffuser helps direct energy on this wind turbine for maximum efficiency. Instructions here

10. Diy Wind Turbine | Build An Amazing Tesla CD Turbine

Get our your old CD collection and some super glue, this tutorial will have you spinning all kinds of new energy in a beat. Instructions found here.

11. Diy Wind Turbine | Build the “Wasp” Turbine

Brought two you by two students – future geniuses. Instructions here.

12. Diy Wind Turbine | Build a Cardboard Tesla Turbine

This Tesla turbine is made entirely of cardboard, making it cheaper and more economical. Bonus points for being pretty. Instructions here.

14. Build More Diy Wind Turbines

Beautiful Wind Turbines in Ireland. Part of our diy wind turbine tutorial at

Industrial Wind Turbines

Looking for more great ways to build a wind turbine? We found this site for you, which happens to be an excellent source. Click here to check it out.

This last wind turbine is probably much too complicated to make at home, but isn’t it beautiful!?

A tree wind turbine, to provide energy and whimsy. Read more here.

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Patty Hahne

This article reminds me of a project that we started but never finished. My husband bought a Ametek 30 VDC permanent magnet motor and welded up a bracket for it. Just after we got it ready, the company that sold the rotors that we wanted to use seemed to disappear.

Your article reminded me that I need to find another source for a rotor and finish our project up!

Chuck H.

To Patty,

Hello hun, I’m an old simi retired owner of a machine shop! I’ve had a heart attack so they have taken my keys to the shop away,,,lol,,,,what I wanted to say to you is if you will send me a drawing, sketch, or just dimensions to the rotor you need I’ll make you one. See I do know where the hidden keys are,,,,lol,,,,I still piddle and I would love for my piddling to go for something someone really does need and can use. Hope to hear from you soon. Chuck

John Turner

how to use a grid tie with maximum efficiency

Riley E. Carlson

Great tip John. Nice site. 🙂